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Health Packages

Swasthya Diabetes Profile A

Basic Screening for Diabetes

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Swasthya Diabetes Profile B

Screening for Micro-Macro vascular complication and co morbidities of diabetes

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Clinical Cardiac Profile

Laboratory and Clinical evaluation of Cardiac Function

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Welcome to Swasthya Diabetes Care

Swasthya Diabetes Care, a unique institute for diabetes and allied disorders at Ahmedabad, India spearheaded by the eminent physician and diabetologist Dr Mayur Patel since 1986, Swasthya Diabetes Care is committed for delivering world-class care and management of diabetes and related metabolic disorders.

Swasthya Diabetes Care is a Diabetes care centre is an initiative started in 1986 by Dr Mayur Patel. It is a comprehensive diabetes care institute located at the heart of the town with various facilities for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diabetes, and its complications. It was with Dr Mayur Patel’s persistence and expertise that led to expansion of this institute also in its research facilities.

We at Swasthya Diabetes Care, has a beautiful platform which provides you the best facilities in town, in accordance with the international diabetes guidelines. With great infrastructure, we welcome you to have one stop solution for your complete diabetes management- to identify, treat and make aware, at affordable costs.

Swasthya Diabetes Care is an ideal destination, offering state-of-the-art and comprehensive treatment to both Indian and foreign patients.

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We Specialize In

Diabetes Care

We at Swasthya Diabetes Care are known as the best Diabetes Center and our team of highly experienced doctors offers the best diabetes treatment depending on the type of diabetes.

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Lab tests and Diagnostics

Quality, Integrity, innovation and accountability makes us just not different but much better

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Nutrition Care

We at Swasthya Diabetes Care emphasizes on a blend of traditional food wisdom and modern nutritional science for a healthy body and mind, best reflected through the mantra – Don’t Eat Less, Eat Right !!

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Obesity Care

At Swasthya Diabetes Care, obesity department works on the pillars of Care, Compassion and Safety.

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Eye Care

Swasthya Diabetes Care offers world-class modern diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitative services of the highest quality.

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Foot Care

We at Swasthya Diabetes Care are equipped with well-trained podiatrists who specialize in treating any abnormal condition associated with foot and lower limbs.

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Nephrology Care

Our operation is to help patients with kidney disorders attain the best quality of life possible, and to assist families and primary care physicians in providing the same.

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Type 1 Diabetes Care

Managing type 1 diabetes and living healthfully can present a difficult challenge to both those who have it and the people who care for them.

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Diabetes Education

Diabetes is a complex disease that requires daily self-management - making healthy food choices, staying physically active, monitoring your blood sugar and taking medications as prescribed. And, Swasthya Diabetes Care is best place for it.

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Why Choose us?

We are always carefull to our patient and service

Our 30% friends with diabetes are able to control their sugars without medication and 70% are able to reduce their medication by 30% As a rigorous care unit, Swasthya diabetes care's foremost objective is prevention. Looking at how high blood sugar affects all organs from head to toe, we serve and manage prevention to tertiary stages with dedication.

We also take care of hypertension, dyslipidemia and other co morbidities.

We strive towards prevention of complications, try maintaining dosage and delaying complications.

We focus for 24hours sugar control for longer duration with minimal medication along with preventing and reducing further progress of comorbidities and complications of diabetes.

We are serving since 32years to our diabetes friends with trust and satisfaction

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T1 Diabetes

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