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Nutrition Care

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Nutrition Care

Our proficient team of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics helps patients understand the requisite for a holistic and essentially therapeutic diet based on their conditions. Their expert guidance is available at every step of the health care system. Our doctors use a balanced approach of combining palatability of foods with carefully measured quantities of intake to facilitate maximum nourishment. They have ample experience in treating metabolic disorders, numerous gastroenterological diseases along with supplementing weight management, cardiac diets, diabetic diets and even hypoallergenic diets as well.

Their care practice involves assessment, nutrition diagnosis, intervention and monitoring of the standardization.

At Swasthya Diabetes Care, we give importance to specialised diets and diet charts in accordance with our client's individual needs. Having top notch dieticians, we aim to provide the best health and wellness diets, customized according to personal specifications of the clients and their requirements. We note the medical conditions and create plans such which equip the needs of the clients and help them with turning their ailments to potential health curators.

We endeavor towards carb counting, food exchange and portion control above all.