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Eye care

Diabetes retinopathy which is a sight threatening ailment is a very common complication of diabetes Hyperglycaemia, high blood sugar is a symptom of diabetes which can damage the small blood vessels in the eye, causing diabetic retinopathy. This affects the retinal blood vessels and can permanently damage the vision. Although many cases leave the vision intact, this is very damaging to the eye and if left unchecked, it can develop into proliferative diabetic retinopathy (causes retinal blood vessels to leak fluid). This leads to blurred vision. Additional complications can be cataracts and glaucoma, with worsening of pre-existing vision problems. Many of these might involve surgical interventions like laser surgery to reverse damage.


Therefore, it is a must to monitor your diabetes to protect your eyes. Regular retinal examination at regular intervals is a must even with patients with normal or good vision to avoid permanent vision loss.


Vision 2020 - a worldwide project by WHO also puts maximum stress on prevention and treatment of diabetic retinopathy.


At Swasthya Diabetes Care available facilities are---

FFA - Fundus Flourencion Angiography

OCT - Occular Computer Tomograph

Laser - Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy

Inj. VAF - Vascular Growth Factor