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Foot Care (Salvage of A Limb)

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Foot Care (Salvage of A Limb)

For the First Time in Gujarat, Swasthya Diabetes Care has dedicated Foot Unit.
Diabetic foot disease is a major cause of morbidity leading to amputations.

At Swasthya, our foot care department is fully equipped with facilities for early detection and diagnosis of diabetic foot complications.

Foot examination:

  • A routine foot examination to check for early symptoms of Neuropathy (condition where the nerves get affected), Ischemia (reduced blood supply), deformities in foot, callus formations resulting from neuropathy and check for infection and necrosis is done.

  • With proper care more than 90% of limbs can be saved.

Versa lab

  • It is useful in lower extremity peripheral vascular testing on patients with vessel wall calcification, diabetes mellitus, obesity, inflammation and ulceration, where segmental pressure cannot be obtained.

Vascular Doppler

To check the blood circulation.


This is a measure of the vibration sensation indicating the condition of the nerves in diabetes.

Foot Pressure Scan

  • Categorize and identify persons at risk of developing foot problems/ulcers.

  • It is also used for designing special diabetic footwear that effectively redistributes the pressures thereby preventing the formation of calluses, corns and ulcers in diabetic foot.

Chiropody (Podiatry)

  • Chiropody services are also available which includes attention to nails, treatment of corns, calluses and other foot problems.

  • Proper instructions are also provided to the patients regarding the usage of suitable foot wears and insole thereby preventing recurrence of callus or corns in diabetic foot.