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Type 1 Diabetes Care

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Type 1 Diabetes Care

(Innovative Services & Projects for Friends with type 1 Diabetes)


SWEET REGISTRY (ISPDA) recognized Type1 Diabetes Center of reference and Center of collaboration

International diabetes Federation supported YLD (Young Leaders in Diabetes) Program coordinator

Center has more than 6000 friends with Type 1 Diabetes 

Make My Life Project – Type 1 Diabetes Project

YLD – Young Leaders in Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes is seen in children and adolescents in each stratum of the community. These friends have major financial, social as well as psychological dependence on their families. They have to depend upon insulin replacement therapy in form of injections or pumps for their rest of the life in present scenario. Apart from that they also need continuous education, motivation, counseling, regular consultations, regular monitoring of their blood glucose, regular tests to prevent future complications of diabetes like retinopathy (Blindness), nephropathy (kidney failure), neuropathy(diabetic foot) and treatment of acute complications related to disease and therapy (coma)-- which are inevitable in their journey of life.

Many of the complications of Type 1 diabetes are potentially preventable if these children manage their disease carefully and undergo screening for complications regularly.

We believe that with proper management of diabetes and its complications, children with type 1 diabetes can live long, healthy and cheerful life. Children and their parents’ co-operation is essential for proper management of diabetes and its complications. It is only possible by empowering them with proper knowledge and helping them in accessing the best possible resource.


  • To provide Education

  • To provide better clinical care

  • To prevent complications of diabetes

  • To provide indoor facilities when required

  • To provide psychological, carrier and marriage counseling

  • To Plan their pregnancy and delivery for the healthy baby

  • To establish a ‘Resource Centre’ for Type 1 diabetes for all the needs

The services provided are:

  • Diabetologist consultation

  • Fasting and post prandial plasma glucose levels

  • Counseling for self monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG)

  • Adequate Supply (Glucometer and strips) to monitor Blood Glucose level

  • Hypoglycemia card and education about hypoglycemia

  • Diet advice by dietician

  • Advice for physical activity, exercise and yoga

  • 3 monthly HbA1c report for average blood sugar

  • Yearly screening for complications for children with more than 5 years of diagnosis-which includes:

  • Fundoscopy for early detection of retinopathy

  • Biothesiometry, monofilament testing, temperature testing, foot pressure scan, peripheral vascular doppler to save limbs

  • Lipid profile

  • Urinary Albumin creatinine ratio and S.Creatinine for early detection of nephropathy

  • Guidance and provision of modern ways of management like CGMS and insulin pumps

  • Counseling related to psychological and social issues.

  • Indoor facilities as and when required, and specialist’s opinions and treatment for complications

  • Exclusive OPD for Type 1 Diabetes at remote places i.e. Kutch, etc where Diabetologist is not available, and treatment for type 1 diabetes is totally neglected. OPD is conducted on month on month basis.

  • Marriage Counseling: Due to social stigma attached with the type 1 diabetes, such children face many hurdles for their marriage or they have to do compromise at one or other level. For the first time in the world we have started marriage counseling cum marriage beauraw for children with type 1 diabetes. National and international media as well as magazines have taken notice of it. We have received many bio-data’s from all part of India as well as abroad. Majority of those are from girls. We are successful in tying a knot of 64 Type 1 Diabetes. Among them, in 12 couples both are type 1, while in 40 couples counterperson is healthy.

  • Type 1 mother’s Pregnancy – Delivery planning: In Type 1 Lady’s Life and her family pregnancy is a major social as well as health event, where her control of the diabetes in pregnancy, prevention of the compilations and management of the any complications are major healthcare providers’ responsibilities. Above that Delivering normal healthy baby is also major task.

  • Parents Meet: We have arranged eight parents meet till date in the project. Parents of type 1 diabetes are invited on a common platform to share their views about type 1 diabetes, share their experience of management of diabetes of their child, and discuss the hurdles faced and solutions of such hurdles.

  • Specialized education program:

  • Parents Meet: We have arranged eight parents meet till date in the project. Parents of type 1 diabetes are invited on a common platform to share their views about type 1 diabetes, share their experience of management of diabetes of their child, and discuss the hurdles faced and solutions of such hurdles.

  •  Specialized education program:

     Topics for the program:

    1. Understanding Type 1 Diabetes

          2. Management of Type 1 Diabetes in School and colleges

          3. Hypoglycemia: Causes and Management

          4. SMBG and Insulin Injection Technique

          5. CGMS and Insulin Pump

          6. Diet and Exercise

  • Such program is very beneficial for the type 1 diabetics, as it gives a chance to solve their queries, rectify their mistakes and learn from the experience of other such children.

  • Diabetes Awareness for School Children: Diabetes awareness programs are organized for school children to sensitize them to adopt healthy lifestyle in order to prevent diabetes and other lifestyle diseases in future.

  • Fund Raising activities: Apart from routine fund raising activities of our NGO, We have participated in various fund raising activities like "Food For Change" program, NGOs meet at national level, etc.

  • Awareness Articles in Media:

Online activities: Apart from website, Type 1 Diabetes awareness messages and Make My Life project activities are shared on social media like facebook and whatsapp, health unlocked community.

Moreover many newer forms of treatment are nowadays available for management of this disease, like insulin pens, insulin analogues, insulin pumps, islet cell transplant etc. But lake of proper awareness and proper guidance these are not available to their families, they are deprived of this advantage.

We have observed that due to inadequate access to proper treatment, majority of children with Type 1 Diabetes from needy and illiterate families die within 5 years of diagnosis. On the other side with little care and support, they can live a normal, healthy and cheerful life.